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Conscious Nutrition and Fasting Program



Start 01.03.2021

7-Day Guided Fasting


Unlock your mind and emotionsand develop your body awareness.

Start Date 


Ayuno 7-díasThotse
00:00 / 10:50






  • Without leaving your daily routine you will gain another perception of your body

  • You will connect with food in another way

  • You will increase your sensitivity and your level of consciousness

  • You will begin to understand in a practical and guided way the "Metaphysics of Fasting"

PLAN 01. -05. March 2021

From Monday to Friday : 

  • FASTING from 8pm to 3pm (7pm) the following day

  • MEALS from 3pm to 8pm (3hrs.) of the same day




Total Tea

  • To deepen the experience

  • Access levels of heightened consciousness to create new realities

  • detox

  • You will activate the ability of your cells to self-repair (Rejuvenation and longevity)

PLAN 06. + 07. March 2021

Saturday and Sunday

  • TOTAL FASTING (48hrs.)

  • only with teas and a little fruit, if necessary

Support and guidance

It also includes

30 min online meetings

(by Zoom)

  • Monday to Friday
    6am and 12am


  • Saturday and Sunday 
    8am, 2pm and 8pm

To reinforce and guide your process in such a way as to motivate you and delve into the emotions and programs that come to the fore. In addition to understanding the physical reactions as a result of fasting.

Access to the exclusive library of Audios and Videos to deepen the process:

  • guided meditations

  • encoded flute music

  • Pranayama (breathing) exercises

  • Yoga exercises for relaxation*




*no prior experience required

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You have already taken a session/reading with Thotse Sirius in the past.


You never took any sessions with Thotse Sirius.

Fasting represents a period of DETACHMENT. We will participate in release exercises to let go of need patterns that we generally believe.


Fasting produces a distension of our physical and emotional system that sensitizes us, allowing us to delve into our own unconscious. This can be an opportunity for the development of consciousness.

class info
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I am

Thotse Sirius.


I am the founder and director of Sungate Academy. I feel very grateful to accompany you in the process with the experience and sensitivity necessary to develop these processes of consciousness.

I am a practitioner of intermittent fasting and total fasting. My longest fast was 38 days on only one green juice per day. The state of consciousness, clarity and purification and the revelations that I obtained in this prolonged fast stay with me until now - 7 years later. Since then I have been exploring the path of Inedia, the possibility of living without the need to eat.

Fasting as I perceive it is a gift from your own HIGHER SELF to find a deep connection with the true source of your existence. Only the transference of your rational mind to the intuitive mind can allow you to receive it.

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