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"This Master Class is NOT an intellectual course. Everything I am going to tell you during this master class will have an impact on the field of your unconscious. And that is precisely where it has the POWER to transform your life."

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The true origin of anxiety and depression andthe dynamics that create realitythat we live.

Themetaphysical and practical toolsto manage your emotions and thoughts in a harmonious way at every moment of your life.

A perception of yourself and your states that will allow you to get out of thesuffering and anguish.

How to stop being subject to your emotional variations and start taking advantage of them in your favor.

"At that moment I had a revelation. That I am not my euphoria, I am not my depression. I clearly felt that I am above and that freed me. Now I can act accepting my variations. They no longer manage me, I am not a subject, if I don't experience them freely."

-Ada Void

A revelation that will change your whole life...

There is not a HOW and at the same time IF there is.

Many of you have asked me:

How do I do it?

How do I get out of this prison, of my emotions,

of my suffering?

How do I change my past?

How do I overcome these strong emotions

that rule my whole life and that seem so insurmountable?

How do I get past this identification?


There is a how and at the same time there is not. The rational mind wants to be in control, it wants to have a plan, a step by step because of its linear nature. I do A and B happens. This is how it works for the logical mind. But the rational mind is only a small part that is contained in the intuitive mind. You cannot resolve aspects of the mind from the mind itself.

Therefore, the solution goes beyond the rational mind, the how, the mechanics by which your change will happen is in your DNA because the how is unique for each human being. 


This Masterclass goes far beyond the rational mind and penetrates directly into the unconscious activating your DNA programs and that is where the Revelations that will represent quantum leaps in your own evolution are generated. Leaps that will have a powerful effect on your life and your personality.


Everything can change with ONE REVELATION in a millisecond of listening to this Master Class. Yes, changes take time, but the revelations that bring about the change happen in an infinitesimal instant.

The knowledge and tools that I will transfer to you in this course will lead you to have this revelation or several that will cause an irreversible change in you and in the way you see the world. You will take a dimensional leap!


And this is what I can offer you. As long as you open yourself to this possibility. IF YOU REALLY WANT IT, this Master Class is going to have a powerful impact on your life. The creator is you!

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I am

Thotse Sirius.


My role is to channel the information you need to gain insights so powerful that they can change your life in just a millisecond.

Our destiny as I perceive it is to recognize and remember that we are gods and as gods it is possible to reach a state in which we can achieve anything just by thinking and wishing it. This is total alignment with who we truly are. This is the ascension, this is our destiny.

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