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Fernando is a person who does not fit into a job, who cannot be reduced to a talent and who always goes beyond the scope.

His life path crossed at several points with mystical experiences as a consequence of his extrasensory perception. From an early age he perceived the world around him and all its complexity in an expanded reality, with great sensitivity towards those connections that move this universe and us humans.


For him, all the activities that are derived from this Matrix, that form apparent reality, do not exist separately from each other. Whether mechanical design, biomechanics, quantum physics, photography, music, arts or others, for him they constitute a perfect whole. In the same way,  as a Master of Metaphysics, he transfers knowledge from other planes of consciousness, passing from the Universal mind to the intuitive mind and then expressing it through the rational mind, which demonstrates a transcendental level of understanding.

This construct that we know as Fernando Santa Cruz is not static, but is in constant movement. It should be said that each of its parts, each fractal, represents a part of his ingenious work and talent, in which harmony and aesthetics will always be evident.

Fernando also feels a natural and conscious desire to put his talents, abilities and knowledge at the service of others. For this he fulfills the function of Mentor,  which serves as a channel between the collective consciousness Self-spiritual and the self-ego. Thus he supports the collective in its ascension process.

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"It is through the revelations that the Human Being and his world change."

My best revelations. Delivered to your mail.

Thanks for your subscription!

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The ascension represents an increase in your vibrational frequency and a change in your focus of consciousness.


​This upward change in frequency is the result of a process of mutation of the information contained in your DNA and at the same time recoding it in a resonant process. The change of focus of consciousness is a process that includes an autonomous level and another guided by your will. The latter must be fed in a rational, creative and intuitive way to restructure the smooth patterns that govern the mental-emotional structure that is the device for creating the realities you experience. This process guided by your will represents maturation in the space-time dimension or what is known simply as maturation.



It is very gratifying to have your attention now; since if you are here it is because you have doubts and questions about the world that surrounds you and that "other world" that is within you.

You are a mutant already realizing that this world is not only what we can capture with our physical senses and, therefore, you are in the process of awakening to a much broader reality and blissful consequence of the natural mutations of human evolution. . This mutation will allow you to live an amplified reality but for this you must work on your ascension process.

There are no coincidences, and our meeting through this text is more than a simple reading, it is a direct meeting between you and me in another dimension of our own existence.

I'm pretty sure I can guide you to ascend, discover and use your new powers and live a more exciting and empowered life.



Sobre la canalización


This function is offered to all who are in sync and come to me magnetically seeking a channel to redirect the information and energy that is in the process of flowing and is blocked in your own channels.
In this sense, Mentor does not act like a sage, as has long been misunderstood. Mentor is a bypass channel to express something you already know in another dimension that requires reaching beyond your ego in the third dimension to unlock a conflicting karmic situation that will leave you a "pearl of wisdom."

Mentor not only deals with conflict situations, but also provides information and energy management tools that you must follow for your ascension process. It helps you to understand the "wider" reality that is beyond this holographic game of the third dimension through the connection of the ego with the spirit of the self.

Therefore, Mentor represents a clear and clean channel to listen to yourself.


Therefore, Mentor represents a clear and clean channel to listen to yourself.




The temporal dimension between the planes of suffering and happiness is perceived as immediate.




Metaphysics applied to the study of the mind and human behavior

It is the code that multidimensionally crosses the subtle and dense planes of human existence, energy and matter in a unified relationship of information, cause and effect, thus creating what current science knows as the quantum field of the mind. and human emotions.

​The three principles that allow a quantum construction of the mind and human behavior are:


  1. The mind conceived as rational and intuitive. This intuitive is holistic and unified, it does not require fragmenting reality to understand it, quite the contrary.

  2. irrelevant time. A holistic conception of time and space. Beyond relativism, it represents the collapse of time as the infinitesimal approximation of the three temporal planes, thus being able to experience eternal time and perceive time lines that govern the creation of realities as a fabric of segments of infinite time lines.

  3. The projection of the inner world and the outer world. Photon quantum mechanics describes the splitting of the same particle at the edge of events, thus creating an internal and an external version as two sides of the same coin simultaneously and spontaneously.



The objective of Human Design will allow you to know your real design and close the gap between the current manifestation of your personality (DPM) and the harmonic manifestation of your being (HPM).

We are hardware with software governing our performance in this reality. This software can be modified throughout our lives. Therefore it is "programmable", it is being manipulated by the socialization-education system and affected by traumatic-karmic events.

Much of our purpose in life is to get to know and comprehend these programs, to discover through a process of developing our consciousness, to remove and/or modify those programs, and to replace the jarring nuances of our human-designed programs. In this way we will discover to love ourselves and God in us and live love and prosperity.

This process represents the purification of your personal expression to make your energy flow in your particular design.

Human design symbol.png


Changes that require years can be seen in just months, weeks and even from the first session, without traumatic and exhausting processes.   




The Archetypes dominate the time lines and it is from the creative imagination that we can define new nodes of these lines. Everything we can experience is possible to represent in some circuitry of complex structures.

The mental-emotional structure defines the reality that appears in front of us. The personality is made up of programs defined by traumas and karmic experiences. These have complex structures like the branches of a tree. Trying to change these programs and dissolve them one by one is very slow using psychoanalytic or similar processes.

With this mission we can capture entire sets of programs and their branches by describing them as a pattern that can be represented by an Archetype or even a set of Archetypes. In this way, hundreds of these software packages, including their complex connections, can be extracted at the same time immediately. In the same way, but in the reverse order, it is possible to install a new set of programs to replace the ones extracted.

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