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This channel is coming soon!

"This Master Class is NOT an intellectual course. Everything that I am going to be saying during this master class has an impact on the unconscious field. And that is precisely where it has the POWER to transform your life."

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"At that moment I had a revelation. That I am not my euphoria, I am not my depression. I clearly felt that I am above and that freed me. Now I can act accepting my variations. They no longer manage me, I am not a subject, if I don't experience them freely."

-Ada Void


This feature is offered to all who are in sync and come to me magnetically seeking a channel to redirect information and energy that is in the process of flowing and is blocked in their own channels. 


In this sense, Mentor does not act like a sage, as has long been misunderstood. Mentor is a bypass channel to express something you already know in another dimension that requires reaching beyond your ego in the third dimension to unlock a conflicting karmic situation that will leave you a "pearl of wisdom."


Mentor not only deals with conflict situations, but also provides information and energy management tools that you must follow for your ascension process. It helps you to understand the "wide" reality that is beyond this holographic game of the third dimension through the connection of the ego with the spirit of the self. Therefore, Mentor represents a clear and clean channel to listen to yourself.

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I am Thotse Sirius.

My role is to channel the information you need to gain insights so powerful that they can change your life in just a millisecond.

Our destiny as I perceive it is to recognize and remember that we are gods and as gods it is possible to reach a state in which we can achieve anything just by thinking and wishing it. This is total alignment with who we truly are. This is the ascension, this is our destiny.

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