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Improve your Mental and Emotional performance to live an extraordinary life.


Mutants sync

It is very pleasing to have your attention now; if you are here it is because you have doubts and questions about the world around you and the "other world" that is within you.


You are a mutant already realizing that this world is not only what we can capture with our physical senses and, therefore, you are in a process of awakening to a much broader and blissful reality consecuence of the natural mutations of the human evolution. This mutation will allow you to live an extended reality but for this you must work on your ascension process.


The casualities do not exist, and our meeting through this text is more than just a reading, it is a direct meeting between you and me in another dimension of our own existence.


I am quite sure, I can guide you to ascend, discover and to use your new powers and live a more exciting and empowered life.





Let me introduce myself, my name is Fernando Santa Cruz and the name of the function that I am representing at this time, that I talk to you, is Thotse, which means in an old forgotten language "which one harmonizes with Thoth," which is an approximate translation.


Thoth was worshiped as a god in ancient Egypt, related to Hermes Trismegistus, sage of antiquity. He is also related to Serapis, an ascended master of the ancient mystery schools. He was  worshiped under the name of Osiris in Atlantis. His energy has been active around on this planet long ago. THOT is the master of time, knowledge and wisdom.


My function as Thotse is to be an information channel of your self-spiritual, decoded so that it reaches your self-ego in this dimension of space, time and material, in addition to other multiple frequency fields of your own existence. Thus I support your ascension process.

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My purpose is to provide you with the concepts, tools and processes to ASCEND.


Towards Ascension

Ascension represents an increase in your vibrational frequency and a change in your focus of consciousness. This upward change in your frequency is the consequence of a process of mutation of the information contained in your DNA and at the same time recodes it in a resonant process.

The change of focus of consciousness is a process that includes an autonomous level and another guided by your will. The latter must be fed rationally, creatively and intuitively to restructure the soft patterns that govern the mental-emotional structure that is the device of creation of the realities that you experience. This process guided by your will represents maturation in the space-time dimension or what is known simply as maturing. My purpose is to provide you with the concepts, tools and processes to ascend, they were encoded from the stream of unified non-intellectual knowledge.



This function is offered to all who are in sync and magnetically come to me looking for a channel to redirect information and energy that is in process to flow and is blocked in your own channels.


In this sense, Mentor does not act as a wiseman, as has been misunderstood for a long time. Mentor is a bypass channel to express something that you already know in another dimension requiring superior reach to your self-ego in the third dimension to unlock a conflicting karmic situation that will leave you a "pearl of wisdom".


Mentor not only addresses conflict situations,  he also provides information tools and energy management that you need to follow for your ascension process. It helps you understand the "wide" reality that is beyond this holographic game of the third dimension through the self- ego connection with the self-spirit.


Thus, Mentor  represents a clear and clean channel to hear yourself.


Thus, Mentor  represents a clear and clean channel to hear yourself.






This technology use multidimensional tools that has an impact on the past present and the future present, it makes that mental-emotional time be perceived as irrelevant.


Nada que reservar ahora. Vuelve a intentarlo pronto.

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James Reid

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